Question by  karthik (70)

What was Henry Clay's view on states rights?

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Answer by  mikedrums (15)

Henry Clay believed in strong rights for states. This basically means that Clay wanted states to have their own rights without interference from the central government. Clay was in favor of the American System. This means he was in favor of increasing tariffs, a strong national bank, and federal funding to maintain and build infrastructure.


Answer by  rjwolfe (7)

Henry Clay supported the American system which wanted a strong national government with internal improvements. This went against the doctrine of states rights because it empowered the Federal Government.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

Henry Clay was a very conservative politician as well as a strong believer in state rights. He felt that individual states should be able to decide if laws were unconstitutional or not. Henry Clay also thought that if they were unconstitutional, then the states did not have to obey them.

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