Question by  kirstym8428 (23)

M&Ms come in how many colors?


Answer by  ck0689 (284)

M&Ms come in a total of 22 colors, the standard packages from a grocery store have only six; green, blue, orange, brown, red and yellow. The other colors come special order at a candy store or at an official M&M store. The other colors were made to maximize customization for special events or gifts.


Answer by  Izy (32)

M&Ms come in about 6 different colors, not including holiday colors. The colors currently in use are: red, yellow, brown, orange, green and blue. During holidays such as Easter there are 5 different colors that are in pastel and during Valentine's day M&Ms come in 2 colors: pink and red.


Answer by  daisyrae (143)

A standard bag of M&M's includes 5 colors: yellow, red, green, blue, and orange. The sixth variety is brown- or chocolate - and not actually considered a color.


Answer by  sns34 (144)

Currently, M&Ms come in six different colors: blue, orange, green, yellow, red and brown. In the past, plain M&Ms also had a light brown colored M&M. However, a number of years ago the makers of M&Ms ran a campaign to add a new color to the packet. At that time they added blue and got rid of the light brown.

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