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How many people were aboard the Mayflower?

posted by  jayjay2737(1)

What was the architecture in the US like in the 1600's

posted by  SarahJane(114)

What were the sewer systems like in Colonial America?

posted by  Empress66(17)

When did the Ursus Spelaeus live?

posted by  worker5997(16)

What was home construction like in the 1800's?

posted by  Lina820(48)

What was Christopher Columbus's flag of origin?

posted by  Prasad(13)

Where did Hannibal get his elephants?

posted by  pippo(16)

What are the ranks of English nobleman?

posted by  julianabanana(16)

What are some earliest Chinese sightings of UFO?

posted by  happymomma(17)

When were the Chesapeake colonies founded?

posted by  jboston19(30)

What were the names of the 13 original colonies?

posted by  Flowerpot(21)

What was the government in ancient Troy?

posted by  cichoszn(37)

Who were the critics of the New Deal?

posted by  hulmer(1067)

What kind of jobs did women have WW1?

posted by  sandypants(8)

What year did Galileo invent the thermometer?

posted by  Gabby6811(2)

What are the origins of European people?

posted by  ZachariahDawson(15)

Who was the first Pope of the Catholic Church?

posted by  qwe123(78)

What was the longest-ruling Chinese dynasty?

posted by  puru67(1)

What is the oldest kind of currency?

posted by  Kate4842(23)

Who wrote the Constitution?

posted by  nayna(28)

How did James K Polk apply the Monroe doctrine?

posted by  ferreral(25)

What was the first chocolate bar?

posted by  lucianor69(6)

Where did the Roman alphabet come from?

posted by  acm(21)

Who was Brazil named after?

posted by  shanniesok(14)

Was the Declaration of Independence written on hemp?

posted by  Danny(25)

what is abe lincoln's middle name?

posted by  Anonymous

Where was the Ku Klux Klan founded?

posted by  Anonymous

What countries had the best economies 200 years ago?

posted by  ssalandy(1)

Whose belly button was the first to be seen on TV?

posted by  sarahjw4200(1)

What is the Baby Boomers legacy?

posted by  warnworld(1)

How do gangsters get their names?

posted by  Daniel(34)

What was Chesapeake like in 1700?

posted by  kellyt(23)

Who were the first group of people who lived in Ohio?

posted by  Franks82(60)

How many presidents have been assassinated?

posted by  suzie09(42)

Who Was Napoleon?

posted by  elsewhen(627)

Why is Che Guevara so controversial?

posted by  lindsay(111)

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