Question by  jbjb (34)

What are questions to ask a historical figure?


Answer by  Emmalynn (50)

This depends on the historical figure under question. A few interesting ideas: What do you feel has been your greatest achievement? Did you have any critics of your work? Are you satisfied with your impact on history?


Answer by  WarrenR (116)

Along with basic biographical information, historical figures should be quarried about the motivations behind their actions. Why did they do what the did or make certain decisions. The should also be questioned about what they knew at a particular moment.


Answer by  Graydon (53)

Questions that I would ask a historical figure include: what they did in there life, why are they so important, and how they think they impacted the world to be a better place.


Answer by  suze (333)

Some of the questions to ask a historical figure are: How do you feel about your role in history? Would you change anything that you did? How do you feel that you impacted history? Should your priorities have been different? What sacrifices did you/your family make for your historical involvement?

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