Question by  eric2212 (10)

What were Aztec's homes like?

Those people were so smart even way back when they lived. It's so interesting to see how they did things.


Answer by  Hammy (244)

Since the Aztecs lived in the mountains, their homes were terraced into the sides of the mountain and used stone blocks for walls. They were quite organized and lived in large cities with the homes placed around a central public area like a temple or a marketplace. Aztecs also made small roads between houses.


Answer by  LauraU (49)

Aztec homes were built with a single room of adobe (sun-dried adobe clay) bricks and a thatched roof. Homes had a dirt floor and a separate steam bath house.


Answer by  Zephyrstar (17)

Most Aztec homes were built from adobe and had a thatched roof. Adobe is made of dirt and water and formed into bricks. The only difference between the houses of peasants and nobles were how large and decorated they were.


Answer by  hemantc (169)

Aztec lived in simple hut often of just one room.The huts were made of adobe the furniture was simple.The rich people lived in grander houses with many rooms.The shape was hollow square with central courtyard.It often contained garden and fountains.Upper class lived in a house with two storey by law.Many homes had steam baths near them.

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