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Question by  babbu (6)

What were the widely used Civil War weapons?


Answer by  elb (1105)

When the Civil War was fought, there were no automatic weapons or bombs. Canons were widely used. Rifles were common with rapid-loading models making them more useful - still barrel-loaded bullet by bullet. Most combat was at close range, using swords, sabers, handguns, and knives. Battles were tremendously bloody.


Answer by  ParrotPirate (477)

The most common weapons were the Springfield cap-lock rifle by the Union and the British made Enfield cap-lock rifle by the Confederates. These were the primary weapons of the infantry soldiers. Infantry officers carried swords and revolvers, the Union using Colt and the Confederate using various manufacturers many based on Colt designs.


Answer by  historybuff (40)

Artillery swords, colt revolvers, Springfield Model 1861 rifle, Springfield 1855 musket, lead minnie bullets, ketchum grenades (used by the North), the Gatling gun, and the twelve- pound Napoleon cannon. The Gatling gun was the most advanced and relied-upon weapon for the era, at is was capable of firing 300 rounds per minute.


Answer by  ChilliJames (18)

The small arms consisted mainly of muzzle-loaders and cap-and-ball revolvers. The small arms all incorporated the fairly new percussion cap technology, though a limited number of repeaters became available towards the end of the war. The artillery consisted mostly of Napoleonic field pieces employing grapeshot, high-explosive, and explosive-shrapnel ammunition. Again, there were a few Howitzer pieces, but not widely used.

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