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What is the meaning of the Statue of Liberty 's tablet that she holds in her hand?


Answer by  dollgirl (636)

The tablet held by the Statue of Liberty is inscribed 'July 4, 1776" in Roman numerals (JULY IV MDCCLXXVI), which is the date of America's independence from Britain. It is held in the statue's left hand. One theory posits that the tablet is a book representing the power of knowledge.

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Answer by  Denise76 (8)

The tablet clutched by the Statue of Liberty with July, 4, 1776 on it has many symbolic interpretations. Some believe this is the Lady Liberty holding democracy close to her heart. More likely , this French gift commemorates our one hundred year anniversary and two countries' friendship.


Answer by  calculator (88)

The tablet's inscription reads "July IV, MDCCLXXVI" (July 4, 1776, in Roman numerals). The interpreted symbolic meanings of the tablet itself vary: some say it symbolizes the importance of acknowledging history; it might also represent a book and the power of knowledge; or, it might be related to Englightenment.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

The tablet's inscription reads July IV, MDCCLXXVI, which is the date the Declaration of Independence was signed. The tablet is 23' 7" (7. 19m) long, 13' 7" (4. 14m) wide and 2' 0" (. 61m) thick. The tablet can be interpreted as a book, a well-known and popular symbol of the power of knowledge.

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