Question by  random421 (37)

When was the George Washington one-cent stamp issued in the U.S?

My great-aunt has a few of them in her desk drawer in a see-through envelope.


Answer by  appleorchardbooks (74)

The George Washington one cent stamp was first issued in the United States in 1938. His was the first stamp of the 'so called' "Presidential Series." These were common stamps and millions of them were printed and issued. A New York art student, Elaine Rawlinson, was the winner of a national contest to determine who would design the Washington stamp


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

The first George Washington one cent stamps were issued in 1908. In 1932 the US Post Office issued a series of stamps in honor of the 200th anniversary of Washington's birthday. They continued being used on postcards and letters throughout most of the 1950s.


Answer by  mighyboy (6)

I cannot really answer this question because there are too many designs, all issued at different times. There are several online sites you can go to to find out; google George Washington 1 cent stamp; use the 1st works well. Compare the stamps to the pictures on the site.


Answer by  shiloh (17)

I am not sure when this stamp was issued but I am very sure that it is worth a lot of money today because of how rare it is. There are not very many left in the world.

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