Question by  Richa (35)

What is the medication for cats that is called torb/val?

I need ot know what this cat is used for torb/val.


Answer by  evand (35)

Torb/Val is short for a liquid suspension of Torbugesic (butorphanol tartrate) and Valium (diazepam). It is an anti-anxiety and sedative medication given to debilitated generic or high risk cats.


Answer by  lmckiernan (40)

Torb/Val is Valium and Torbugesic. Valium is a sedative and Torbugesic a pain reliever. Relieves pain up to 8 hours and is given when the animal has trauma or surgery


Answer by  JessM (256)

Torbutrol is a medication for pain management and Valium is a medication for calming. Torb/val is simply a combination of the two drugs. It is a relatively strong concoction for major surgeries or injuries in cats as well as dogs.


Answer by  mickdowen (67)

Torb refers to Torbugesic, a pain medication. It can sometimes be used as part of pre-anesthetic protocols, as well. Val refers to valium, used as part of an anesthetic protocol in dogs and cats. This is not something you would give at home; only a veterinarian should administer these drugs.

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Your wrorg me an my mom took are twelve year old cat to the vets the other day. His name is Junebug he had sugery on his teeth. The doctor perscribed him val/torb as well as amoxacillin. His doses are two millagrams of each medication every tweleve hours twice di  add a comment
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