Question by  chromiumv12 (40)

Is sulcrate a safe dog medicine to give to my puppy?

Is sulcrate safe for my dog?


Answer by  tk7544 (149)

You can give a dog Sulcrate, also known as Carafate, because there are rarely any side effects for short term use. Watch for constipation though. You should only give it for a short time because the aluminum can break down their bones in the future.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

You need to speak to a vet. Puppies stomachs are much more sensitive than that of a older dog. If the medicine was prescribed to your dog than it should be just fine to give it to your puppy but you must be careful with any medications because risk of overdose is high in young animals


Answer by  benjiross (993)

I assume you need to give sulcrate for tummy problems. Sucralcate is quite safe at the right dose. It has been used in children under 1 year also. A small dose should not do any harm to your puppy. Some pups may become slightly constipated, but this is minor. Make sure you give it on an empty stomach.


Answer by  dreamsweeper (85)

Sulcrate is medicine for human consumption, and it is safe for children, however most medications are not suitable for dogs. I would ask the Vet he knows best.


Answer by  Anonymous

My vet recently Rx Sulcrate for my 13 wk old puppy with diarrhea, after a few days she did become constipated so I discontinued it as instructed, and yes she also didnt drink as much while she was on it. Unfortunately the diarrhea has returned!


Answer by  giln (0)

we gave carafate to the wrong dog by mistake, what should we do??

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