Question by  rg08121973 (16)

What can you tell me about tapeworms in cats?

My cat has a tapeworm.


Answer by  ashley31 (263)

Tapeworms come from cats ingesting flea eggs. So your cat most likely also has fleas. Treat the flea problem and then either go to the vet or get some pills from the pet store called 'tape worm tabs' make sure they contain proziquantel as a main ingredient. Problem solved.


Answer by  a28 (212)

a cat has tapeworms on his intestine if he refused to eat and his stomach is really bulky. at first, he feel sleepy at most times and lazy to eat and walk, then after few days your cat will get weak and take the tapeworms out of his tummy by blowing it out his mouth, poor cat


Answer by  dingosan8 (407)

Tapeworm eggs are on fleas,therefore check to see if the cat has fleas and treat promptly. When a cat ingests a flea this enables the tapeworm to hatch and live in the intestines of the cat,which it attaches itself to. Here, it lives off of the nutrients ingested by the cat. This will weaken and sicken the cat. Treat with a dewormer.


Answer by  Bobby73 (25)

Tapeworms are caused by your cat eating fleas. When a cat licks their fur they sometimes ingest a flea. When the flea passes throught the digestive tract, sometimes a tapeworm can form in the gut of the cat. Your veterinarian can admininster a medication (Droncit) to stop and treat the infestation.

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