Question by  Mike40 (10)

What can be done to help a poodle that has bad teeth?

My poodle has bad teeth, the vet says they need to be pulled but I am worried about him not being able to eat.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

If your dog has some rotten teeth get them pulled. One bad tooth can cause others to go bad. You may have to feed him wet food from now on.


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

For the well being of your pet, pull the teeth. You can use many moist style foods, the gums will become harder, enabling him to "munch". "


Answer by  worker3843 (29)

Listen to the vet and have them pulled as recommended to prevent further disease. Feed the animal soft food mixed with warm water.


Answer by  Latha (264)

The teeth of dogs are look very carely. If a teeth changed to bad and comes bad smell only way is pick up the teeth or it affects the heart.

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