Question by  wxwnnr (13)

What are advantages of Science diet i/d dog food?

My vet wants me to try it for my dog.


Answer by  Ben3889 (178)

Well a diet of science diet is one of the best things you can do for your dog.It promores healthier coats,less illness,better vision,and a longer life expectency are just a few of the benifits of science diet dog food.


Answer by  boxers3 (550)

There are no advantages of Science Diet. It is not a very good dog food. Read the label and compare with premium foods. Science Diet is loaded with fillers and other junk. Vets promote it because Hills is a large sponsor of many vet school programs.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

THe advantage of science diet brand dog food is that it is specially formulated with only the finest of ingredients to help aid in the treatment of your pet's ailments. I/d is specifically designed for helping pets that have digestive tract issues. Digestive health is crucial for dogs so that further illnesses do not develop


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Science Diet is an expensive dog food that is usually sold directly through veterinary offices, although now it is also sold in warehouse pet supply stores as well. It is nutritionally superior to many commercial dog foods, so your dog will likely eat less of it, but before you decide to go with it, check it against other brands.


Answer by  Anonymous

Science Diet i/d is a prescription dog food for pets with gastrointestinal issues. There are many more better quality foods if looking at the ingredients, however this particlular one is specific for health issues so you cannot honestly compare it to any other foods .

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