pet health


Question by  keye01 (17)

Are the diets prescribed by veterinarians better?


Answer by  Jo3355 (575)

Sometimes the diets prescribed are better. But most of the time you can research this yourself by going online and checking out the ingredients of all the premium pet foods that are available. There are many different foods for all kinds of problems.


Answer by  laura7373 (409)

Well yes becasue a vet is trained to know what kinds of vitiams and minerals your pet needs and also the crap that is in some of them is not good for your pet. So your vet is able to tell you unless they are just trying to sell you an expensive one


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

They are supposed to be. Just keep in mind that the vet is a lot of times just trying to sell you a high price food.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

A veterinarian is certainly likely to have more knowledge about what diet your pet needs, but of course they are human and can be biased. For a dog/cat, choose something with meat as the first ingredient and with no soy or cornmeal. 'Blue' is a wonderful, healthy brand for dogs/cats.

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