Question by  turbotortoise (15)

Will ionized water help to prevent calcium oxalate stones in dogs?

I would like to prevent my dog from getting kidney stones.


Answer by  worker7654 (1033)

A healthy diet should be enough to prevent kidney stones in dogs but ionized water can help. The best way is to keep a good healthy diet and have your vet check the dog regularly. Also some supplements can be helpful and can be found in most pet stores and vet clinics.


Answer by  diariocruz (81)

Although there is many claims to the power of ionized water there have not been any recorded tests to prove that it does prevent Calcium Oxalate Stones or provide any other benefits to dogs.


Answer by  worker2268 (76)

It certainly will help. The chemicals in common tap water are just as unhealthy for animals as they are for humans, but the real key is providing your animal with at least a partial diet of fresh, raw meats and vegetables along with the clean water. Canned foods are often the main cause of all dietary induced illnesses in pets.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

Drinking plenty of water will help maintain your dogs urinary system because it helps keep the system flushed. Ionized water is safe for dogs. You may also want to try a low protein or vegetarian canned dog food.

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