Question by  jefinsmithgmailcom (16)

Why is my puppy's hair thinning?


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

One cause of thinning hair in dogs is fleas have you got a flea control on the dog, if not get some frontline i use it it is excellent.


Answer by  smithjen1498 (192)

This can be caused by something as simple as allergies, bathing your dog to often or regular shedding. It may also be caused by something more serious such as mange, ringworm or yeast infections.


Answer by  babilot (158)

Usually when summer starts to come around dogs, and most animals, start to shead their hair. This is to allow for more ventilation to keep them cool.


Answer by  Jermbubba (95)

Dogs hair ages and begins to thin naturally just like human hair, However if this is a sudden occurrence and it rapidly progressing it could be a sign of a serious medical condition such as mange or another condition. You should consult with a vet to properly diagnose the problem.


Answer by  annjaialn (1)

my puppy is getting white spots on his coat and is itchy. what could this be?

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