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Question by  droford (53)

What should I do if my dog's toenail is bleeding?

It is not bleeding too badly but bleeds fairly often.


Answer by  shorty (208)

A trick i learned was taking a bar of soap and holding pressure with it to the nail. They also sell some sort of powder at dog supply stores that will stop the bleeding on contact.


Answer by  Roshpico (90)

As this can lead to serious blood loss a dog with a bleeding nail muct be immediatly addressed. If any type of coagulation treatment is available it should be applied, if not a makeshift pressure bandage may be used and the dog should be brought to a medical facility quickly.


Answer by  Lenore (237)

My dog had the same issue. In the short term, you can stop the bleeding easily and painlessly with a stypic pencil. If the toenail is torn (probably the case since it bleeds often) a vet can fix it very quickly by trimming or removing the nail.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Just keep an eye on it and if it isn't bleeding alot if it worried you alot you can dab it off but you should try and get a good look at the nail and try to figure out why it keeps bleeding the nail may be broken by the toe and i beeds when it gets bumped.

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