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Question by  smooth (37)

What is wrong with my pit bull if he has pale gums, won't eat, and is vomiting bile?


Answer by  Teresa32 (314)

Pale gums could be a sign of liver or kidney disease. Both are extremely serious conditions and you should get your dog to a vet immediately, particularly if your dog is an older dog.


Answer by  jgbndaudio (20)

This could potentially be very serious. I have a pit bull who has exhibited these symptoms twice, both times the cause was a blockage of the intestine from something he swallowed but couldn't digest. Both times he required surgery. This could kill a dog in less than a week.


Answer by  Ed57 (95)

It seems your pit bull has suffered a trauma to his kidneys. Vomitting bile may indicate such a physical to these organs. No animal or person would be interested with such an injury. It goes without saying that immediate veterinary care seems necessary. Home remedies alone would be inadvisable here.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

You need to get your dog to the vet right away pale gums can mean a variety of things but the most common one is dehydration and that can take their life if not treated.

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