Question by  tiancup (18)

What should my cat take for antibiotics if she has a respiratory infection?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Respiratory infections in cats are persistent, debilitating, and highly infectious. Your cat needs to be cured. This condition can lower your cat's resistance to other diseases. The cat is less prone to eat, and subject to diarrhea and dehydration. Your cat needs antibiotics and vet care to recover from this.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You should take your cat to your Vet's office where they will give you the proper medication for the respiratory infection. Don't try to medicate the cat yourself with human medications or leftover medications from a prior vet visit. Improper doses of medication can actually be fatal to your cat.


Answer by  timmsa (577)

Antibiotics for cats are very similar to human antibiotics. But you should not just give the cat the same medication you take, you should consult a vet and let the vet decide on what to give the cat. Because your prescription may be to strong and it could seriously hurt if not kill your cat.


Answer by  pagan23 (1342)

This really is a question for your vet. Country vets tend to be much cheaper than vets in the city. They will prescribe your cat an antiobiotic.

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