Question by  wolfcam11 (25)

What do elevated white blood cells mean in an English bulldog?


Answer by  Deedle (30)

English Bulldogs with an elevated blood count, can sometimes be showing the symptoms for a urinary tract infection, which can possible lead to kidney problems.


Answer by  HH (404)

In general, an elevated white blood cell count means, that your dog has an infection. Most likely an bacterial infection. Antibiotics should help, if bacteria are correctly identified.


Answer by  emtrobstu (233)

Elevated white blood cells mean an infection. a higher white blood cell count in any orgnism means there is an infection that the body is trying to fight off. White blood cells "eat" the bacteria/virus present.


Answer by  ashley31 (263)

An elevated white blood cell count in any breed of dog, or animal for that matter means that there is an infection present somewhere in the body, it may be under control or it may need medical attention. It is best to ask your vet to narrow down the infection.

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