Question by  christiana88 (4)

Why is my Betta losing color and staying at the top of the tank?

I've had him about a year.


Answer by  SaltWaterLover (48)

Bettas hang out at the top of tanks because they can breath air. The coloring problem could be dietary. Aquarium stores sell enriched food especially for bettas for that reason.


Answer by  Andrew78 (153)

The reason your Betta is losing its color and staying at the top of the tank because he probably has died or is dieing.


Answer by  kaboom969 (242)

Betta fishes will start losing their color when they are stressed over something. Check what had changed in his surrounding environment recently. Maybe it's an introduction of another aquatic animal, or a change in water temperature or salinity. This will lead to poor health if the color doesn't return.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

You need to have you betta in atlest 5 gallons of water and check to make sure his fins and scales look the same. Make sure you are changing the water once a week because if it isn't clean he could be sick.


Answer by  christiana88 (4)

so i just cleaned his tank again, he is now puffed up swimming all around it, and into the walls? is he okay, im worried, i bought him for my son, and my son is very attached to him, how long is a bettas lifespan?


Answer by  christiana88 (4)

sorry i meant he had a 1 gallon tank, he is the only one living in it, when i bought him he was in a 3 gallon and i was told being the only fish in it, he would use to much energy checking for "intruders" in his tank.

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