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Question by  bin53 (76)

My rabbits eyes are matted shut. Why?

I have to clean them so that he can get them open.


Answer by  CynthiaMintier (117)

Rabbits sometimes get eye infections from dirty cages. Clean the cage every few days and provide plenty of fresh water. The rabbit must be taken to a vet to get antibiotics for the eyes. Apply the anitboitics as directed and keep the eyes clean. Ensure one uses a clean paper towel while dematting.


Answer by  gin (366)

He might have scratched his eye or have an infection. I had one that did that and had to bring him to the vet and get a cream to put in his eye (it was like neosporin). If his claws are long he might have scratched his eye and need his nails trimmed as well.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

If a long-haired rabbit gets dirt in the fur around their eyes, the fur can clump together and become matted. This can be the result of the rabbit not cleaning itself properly.


Answer by  souldolphindream (835)

It sounds like your rabbit has some sort of infection. Please take him to the vet to be checked out. He may need to be on medication.

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