Question by  Jane13 (9)

Why are my dog's ears thick?

I'm concerned about normal canine features.


Answer by  Rajamal (121)

Ear mites are highly contagious and when an infestation occurs, your dog's ear may develop a thick brown crusty discharge.


Answer by  prasanthi (56)

It may be INNER EAR INFECTION,usually these infections lead to haematoma. this aural infecions will lead to swelling and some times even to bleeding.


Answer by  alpk11 (173)

Dog's ears can be different thicknesses, but still stay in the normal canine features. Some reasons your dog's ears may be thick include genetic mutations and the breed of the specific dog. Do not be concerned about this feature on your dog. It is not life threatening.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

Just like with humans, all dogs are different from one another. Some dogs have small ears, some big. Some flop over and some stand up straight! "Normal" is whatever is usual for your dog! However, if you notice sudden changes in your dog's appearance, contact your vet!

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