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Question by  soniv11 (25)

What is a good milk replacer for pot bellied pigs?

I need help with my pot bellied pigs.


Answer by  ambi901 (473)

Feed your new pig cow colostrum. It's pretty cheap. otherwise contact your local vet and ask for a milk replacer.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Mini Milk Plus Milk Replacer, Just Born by Farnum, UniMilk replacer, there are a number of products out there, your local Aggie people or vet can advise. I am also told that goat milk is an excellent substitute. Your local Agricultural agent or farm vet is always there to guide you through these baby steps!


Answer by  Anonymous

I have a micro pot belly pig & I make a mixture of 1 can of cream 1 egg yolk & 1 tablespoon of dark karo he has been eating it for about 2 weeks doin good with it.

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