Question by  siva (28)

How old can a cat be and still get pregnant?

My cat is pregnant and is old.


Answer by  spragoo (1500)

There really is no set date when the "woman" parts stop working on any animal. The problem with an animal getting pregnant at an old age is that it is less able to handle the stress on the body and that can harm it and the kittens. You should consult with the vet to handle it correctly.


Answer by  near2land (493)

Just like adult women, the pregnancy time table for a feline can be only estimated at best. However, no matter how old your feline is, a visit to a professional vet is recommended to ensure she has a good healty experience so her kittens will be welcomed into a loving and nuturing environment.


Answer by  Alanna (5)

Although pregnancy becomes difficult for cats after the age of eight, the average domestic house cat has a breeding span of ten years. Most female cats become fertile within their first six months of life, but can begin going into heat as young as four months.


Answer by  DanMan (121)

like most animals including humans the age where a they can get pregnant differs greatly in individuals. as a ball park though, they can usually get pregnant up to 3/4 of their total life span. the thing to do would be to find out how long your cat is suposed to live and multiply that by. 75.

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