Question by  Elise (12)

What causes dry skin on Maine Coon cats, and how can I remedy it?

My Maine Coon has extremely dry skin, especially on her back. Why is this, and how can I make her feel better?


Answer by  MsLizziebug (833)

Dry skin can be caused by allergies to their food. If the cat has a heavy coat there may not be enough air reaching down to the skin. I suggest switching to holistic food and start brushing him. By using a long tooth comb you'll reach down to the skin.


Answer by  GeorgeT (94)

Could be an infection. Perhaps fungus or other similar affections. Have you noticed any alopecia (hair loss)? Is the area red, bleeding, or does it produce flaking, like dandruff? These are all important symptoms that your vet will probably need to know about. Is the animal in pain? I would suggest reviewing all these questions.


Answer by  mani (813)

The dry skin might be due to Cheyletiellosis. It may cause severe dry, flaky, itchy skin. Show it to a vet doctor who will scrap it. Daily brushing is one method to control. Using supplements like brewers yeast will also improve the skin. Using of anti-static sprits will also control. At pet stores static sprits may be available


Answer by  Ozzy (44)

The most common cause of dry skin in cats is a deficiency in the diet. Are you feeding her premium food or something from the grocery store?

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