Question by  4dramamama (17)

What are some dog skin conditions?

My dog is having skin problems.


Answer by  yellowbutterfly (30)

One cause of skin problems in dogs is flea's many dogs are allergic to flea's and then there are allergies to food, the flea problem is much easier to remedy. Food allergies can take many visits to the vet and a trial and error approach to finding the cause.


Answer by  dobedogz (55)

Many pets suffer from seasonal allergies, which can cause skin conditions. Commonly owners will see "hot-spots" where the dog has chewed a raw irritated spot on his body. Fleas also cause some dogs to have itchy break outs. Less commonly there are mites that cause irritation and hair loss.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

Just like humans, dogs can have dry skin. Fleas will also cause skin problems, like redness or a rash. Dogs can also have allergies.


Answer by  worker6264 (67)

Dogs can have mange, or allergic reactions to things or maybe just dry skin which can come from a lot of bathing all of which can make your dog itch.

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