Question by  BrianMatthewJanisse (101)

How do you heal a sore on a dogs face?

I need to heal a sore on my dogs face.


Answer by  salina (943)

Not medical Advice: Like all sores keep clean to prevent infection. Make sure your dogs does not lick or scratch wound this could lead to infection. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean out wounds/sores. The sores could be also caused my ringworms.


Answer by  jparrott02 (39)

It depends on the type of sore and where it is. Most soars can be healed by dabbing with a peroxide soaked cotton ball and applying antibiotic ointment.


Answer by  rmttyler (160)

This is difficult to do because dogs tend to lick and scratch. I used lip salve for a place on my dogs nose. It soaked into the skin.


Answer by  Gabocha (108)

call your vet and get some kind of antibiotic cream. also ask for a cone for the neck of the dog, so they cannot re-open the wound by scratching.

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