Question by  Taj (29)

Can you tell me about poodles and allergies?

My poodle shows allergy symptoms.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Your dog will probably start getting watery eyes and his or her skin could be flaking. The flaking probably will just look like dandruff to you. Take your Poodle to the vet and have him give you allergy medication.


Answer by  rainbowbrite98 (80)

Poodles can have skin allergies. A symptom of skin allergies would be excessive itching, biting and red marks on his belly and legs. If your poodle does have a skin allergy, you could try switching his food. Some poodles can be allergic to fish or chicken. Try switching the food to something that doesn't include that.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

Allergies are not uncommon in poodles. This symptoms may include excessive itching or licking, hair loss or open sores. If you feel your dog does have an allergy you should try and determine what might be causing them. Try changing your dogs food or shampoo.


Answer by  Falcongirl77 (73)

Like many purebred dogs, poodles are prone to allergies. Allergies typically manifest as areas of dry skin, rashes, or breathing problems.

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