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Question by  Serdar (11)

Does a rabbit's diet include strawberries?

I'm not sure what to feed my rabbit.


Answer by  smrtckie (47)

Rabbits can tolerate most fruits, including strawberries, but only in small quantities (as treats). Watch how your rabbit reacts, as fruit can cause diarrhea in rabbits. Ideally, you should feed your rabbit hay and vegetables. Grass hay should be readily available to your rabbit at all times, and daily feedings should contain leafy greens like cabbage or kale.


Answer by  Bob3782 (161)

Strawberries are not a necessary part of a rabbit diet. They might like the leafy part of the strawberry, but not really the fruit. They also like celery, lettuce, greens, herbs, but not spinach. Spinach is high in calcium and is not good for the bunny to eat. It will give him a stomach ache.

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