Question by  cjkriebel (21)

How do I add potassium citrate to my dog's diet?

My dog's vet told me it was important to incorporate this vitamin into my dog's diet. What foods should I use to do this?


Answer by  okcmouseketeer (779)

There are a few dog foods that already contain this, but you will probably need to get them from a pet store rather than the grocery store. (Hills, Science Diet, etc) Look on the ingredient listing for it. Otherwise there is a powder than you can add to soft foods.


Answer by  soothsayer (500)

Fruits like banana,fruit juices and coconut water and kernel and rich sources of potassium. Incorporate these in some form along will oral potassium citrate syrup(15 ml twice daily).


Answer by  Riley (765)

I work in a pet store and we sell both chewable tablets and granuales. The granuales can be put in the dogs food mixed with a bit of water. The chewable tablets can be given as a treat as they are flavorable. If the dog won't eat them, put down their throat like you would a medication.


Answer by  Maggie83 (13)

I've used Potassium Citrate in both tablet form and granule form. The granules may be sprinkled onto your dog's food, or mixed into some low-fat cottage cheese. If using the tablet try hiding it in a in spoonful of liversausge or peanut butter.

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