Question by  cheri (1)

Can my dog get sick from eating dead animals?

can my dog get sick eating dead animals?


Answer by  jmansfie (282)

Like any mammal, a dog eating a dead animal runs the risk of illness for the consumer. It depends on a number of factors including your dog's genetics, its history of illness or medical issues in the past, the decomposition of the animal being eaten, and other extraneous factors.


Answer by  emilyjones (69)

When you have an outside animal, it is inevitable that it will eat dead creatures and will likely get sick from doing so. Squirrels and other rodents carry rabies and bacteria that can be deadly.


Answer by  kim74 (21)

It could, but it's highly unlikely. A dogs stomach acid is equipped to deal the bacteria ingested from dead meat. Dogs weren't always pampered like they are now. Before they were domesticated they ate what they could find. So nature gave their bodies the ability to deal with bacteria that went with it.


Answer by  muthuan (9)

Yes. Your dog will get sick on eating dead animals. Because the virus and bacterias from the dead animals will penetrate the dogs digestive system and ccause severe damage. May cause digestive disorders at the begining and others will follow.

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