Question by  shdw (42)

What can be done for my dog that has a paw cut?

My dog cut his paw.


Answer by  Tknight (273)

Depending on the severity of the cut, you may need to take the dog to the vet. If the paw is bleeding, wash it out with water, and try to wrap it up in a bandage. If it continues bleeding, or the dog is experiencing extreme discomfort, take the dog to he vet as soon as possible.


Answer by  nairvasaoyahoocoin (78)

Paw Cut (cuts)in dogs are common in nature and usually heal by cleaning without any further treatment. So it is advisable to clean the cuts first with some antibiotics. The dog will naturally lick it which is the best treatment. Please spray the cut with 1/2 aloe vera juce and 1/2 distilled water. If the problem, take him to the vet.


Answer by  leecher (21)

Clean it, and wrap it to protect infection, just make sure it is comfortable for your dog to walk, it will heal soon. or you can even make them slippers


Answer by  caporfirio (804)

You want to first clean the wound. Soak the dogs paw in a mixture of warm water and salt, then cover with a bandage, and repeat three times a day. If you do not see improvement in two days, you should see your veterinarian.

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