Question by  jjh (21)

What are some ideas treating cat with irritable bowl syndrome?

My cat has IBS.


Answer by  shijo (861)

It is a syndrome seein bowel usually after an food poisoining or due to an infection. Treat your cat with antibiotics.


Answer by  yadacat (94)

Having a cat with IBS is very trying. I know. I have a 19 year old cat with IBS. We make sure she never overeats by giving her small, frequent meals. We never change her food brand or give her table scraps because this makes the problem worse.


Answer by  LaurenHebbe (300)

Make sure yougibe your cat food that you know is good for it. Talk to your vet they might be able to give you different food.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

There are lots of foods specially designed for this problem, but you may also try fixing your own catfood so that you can balance it specifically for your cat's problems.

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