Question by  Gary22 (15)

How can I take care of stray kittens.

I found several kittens.


Answer by  sonyacarlson (695)

The first thing to do is to get them spayed or neutered so that you won't find more stray kittens. If you don't have funds to do this, contact animal control or a veterinarian for help. If they are not weaned, just take care of mom.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

If they are the age where they are tiny and have not been weened your will need to bottle feed the kittens on a regular basis. If they are older you will need to feed and water them. Make sure that the kittens get the proper shots and when they get the right age get them fixed.


Answer by  idavid (385)

It depends on what you wish to do with them. If you can't adopt the kittens, then make sure that they have plenty of fresh water, food, and shelter.


Answer by  kttribal (61)

Your going to want to bottle feed the kittens. Your going to need to feed them every two hours one and a half is better.

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