Question by  essenhmegmailcom (28)

What are the odds of my kitten having aids and leukemia at the same time?

I know that feline leukemia is very common but am concerned that the doctor also thinks she has aids.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Often these are of the same illness. A cat with a suppressed immune system is open to both, and both illnesses can be mistaken for the other- it's part of the same catch-all syndrome, just like humans with immuno-suppressed illnesses.


Answer by  rvan73 (68)

While it is not impossible for a cat with feline leukemia to also contract feline AIDS, the two are not intrinsically connected despite both being autoimmune diseases. Many cats with feline AIDS never develop feline leukemia, and vice-versa. Even cats that acquire both can live many years in good health.


Answer by  worker4663 (32)

It depends if it's an indoor or outdoor cat. The odds of having aids and leukemia are way higher for an outdoor cat and pretty low for an indoor one.


Answer by  hensen (27)

Feline leukemina is very common but as concerened now that doctors have not yet declatred that a cat can have aids or the symptoms at the part of a gender level

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