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Question by  bethy (1)

What can it mean when guinea pigs go wet and green around the mouth?

my guenia pig was just 7 weeks and it was the first day we got him it was an hour later and he was layed down dead it was soaking wet and green around the mouth he was only seven weeks was it a cold or flu?????


Answer by  susan27 (24)

Possibly poisoned by something in his environment. Were you using the right kind of bedding material and food meant for guinea pigs? Was the water fresh and clean?


Answer by  SavaFiend76 (72)

Wet mouth usually means the guinea's incisors are too long, which causes excess drool. Green usually has to do with diet. Neither of those would have caused death.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

He was probably sick already. Likely intestinal disease, or blockage preventing him from eating (they cannot vomit). Can only know with a necropsy - as prey animals, they hide illnesses well.


Answer by  collingwood (122)

It might mean he had trouble eating - long teeth giving drool (wet mouth) and green could come from his diet

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