Question by  Amanda47 (19)

Is the product Revolution good for ear mites in dogs?

My dog has ear mites and needs treatment, is Revolution good?


Answer by  bdbolin (167)

Revolution is approved to treat ear mites in dogs, as well as fleas, hookworms and other parasites. I recommend calling your vet to determine if Revolution is a good choice for your dog, or if he or she prefers a different product. Once you get a good treatment, make sure to continue to use it to prevent reinfestation.


Answer by  marcia (228)

Revolution is a topical product that you place behind your dog's shoulder and it does help eliminate ear mites, as well as intestinal worms and fleas. A single application should kill all mites and other parasites on and in your pet's body and continued use of this product will ensure that the mites stay away.


Answer by  JLEB (20)

Otodectus cynotis, also know as ear mites usually have a life cycle of twenty-one days. Yes, Revolution does treat and control this infection. A topical cream is also recomended.


Answer by  dearvalerie (20)

The prescription topical treatment 'Revolution' for dogs can be used successfully to treat and prevent ear mites for your dog.

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