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Question by  jb78 (40)

Is it necessary to map the PH levels in a turtles cage?


Answer by  naputnam (454)

No, turtles can live in a wide range of water chemistry, pH included. It is important to change the water regularly and keep it filtered (with an internal filter) in order to keep the wastes under control in between water changes. Feed your turtle in a separate receptacle to minimize waste in the main enclosure.


Answer by  SunnyStars (836)

Although the PH level isn't quite as important in a turtle cage as it is in a saltwater aquarium, aquatic turtles will need a PH above 7. 0 to build strong shells. Test the PH every 2 weeks using a water quality test kit. Rainwater, RO water and soft-water lowers the PH so don't use those in an aquatic turtle tank.


Answer by  Pelica24 (22)

Turtles require a PH above 7.0 for their shells. The PH Levels should be tested every couple of weeks. Kits are available in pet stores.

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