Question by  SugarNSpice215 (6)

What is the best thing to feed to cats who are suffering from renal failure?

I would like the food I feed to my cat to help her and not harm her and cause more damage to her kidneys.


Answer by  Vanessa (387)

You will want to put her on a food by science diet that has venicen (deer meat) in it. Make sure she is getting plenty of fluids also. Wet food is really the best way to go becuase it is easier on their system. There are several different types of science diet wet food that will do fine.


Answer by  techgeek (98)

Most cats don't get enough water - which probably explains why she got renal failure in the first place. If she only eats dry food, consider switching her over to 100% wet food from a can - that can help her get more fluid. I even add a little extra water to my cat's food.


Answer by  Latha (264)

In oldest stage of cats they are suffering with kidney failure. The only way to gave them like protein restricted food,but they don't accept. The main step to taken see a doctor.


Answer by  sivakumar23 (189)

By the help of ink filler you can feed milk. it wont make much harm to the cat. do it twice per day.

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