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Why is clonidine prescribed?

posted by  jmsilva(12)

Why do women like to wear revealing clothes?

posted by  HrnFrg1(14)

Why do people take seratonin supplements?

posted by  Yiannis(26)

Why would I be having cheat pain and nausea?

posted by  Merrick(37)

Why are my contacts making my eyes red?

posted by  JohnnyUniteUs(174)

What causes dimming of electrical lights?

posted by  michelle99(73)

Why do my hips and legs ache at night?

posted by  hugginz(22)

Why will my turn signal not work?

posted by  VB(361)

Why would I feel hungover for years?

posted by  Haylie(84)

Why is the stock market going down?

posted by  amos(10)

What are some causes for low lymphocytes?

posted by  Jennifer24(22)

What could cause red spots on my leg?

posted by  mdurf(20)

Why is my 2-year-old congested?

posted by  Businesslady85(32)

What can cause pain in a lymph node on a pulse point?

posted by  NatashaPolak(26)

Why do dogs kick after peeing?

posted by  wishfire(119)

Why does my hamster have a growth on his neck?

posted by  TheAnswerFairy(2345)

Why are my goldfish and koi dying in the outdoor pond?

posted by  mohamedirfan(3)

Why is my 6-week-old not making eye contact?

posted by  FrankShines(19)

Why is low side pressure high on my A/C?

posted by  Pandi(22)

Why does my car make front end strut noises?

posted by  SkylineR34(25)

Why is my cat tearing out his hair?

posted by  chityadevi(52)

Why do I always attract married women?

posted by  sue65(16)

Why do people like painted porches?

posted by  TheRabbit(27)

Why do people make fun of people?

posted by  rabi(6)

Why are men scared of attractive women?

posted by  Pennfield(25)

Why are my cats chirping?

posted by  tasquire(29)

Why won't my boyfriend come to visit me at college?

posted by  allymcbeal(29)

Why do people burn their lawn?

posted by  wehadthought(391)

Why does my daughter have knots on her scalp?

posted by  vicman(34)

What causes mouth blisters?

posted by  HH(404)

Why would there be no water coming out of my faucets?

posted by  jbus07(24)

Why is my hot water pressure less than my cold water pressure?

posted by  cw(43)

Why do my legs hurt and tingle?

posted by  Donny99(180)

Why do I count everything?

posted by  okcmouseketeer(779)

Why do I have pain after peeing?

posted by  maryk(55)

Why does my dog chew blankets?

posted by  Colin(20)

What does it mean if my evaporator coil is frozen?

posted by  vichu(54)

Why do I have a slow urine stream in the morning?

posted by  homemaker(19)

What can cause burning in my instep?

posted by  Nikku(17)

Why does my kitten sneeze then have diarrhea?

posted by  deepak123(17)

Why am I experiencing left eyebrow hair loss?

posted by  Joe33(11)

Why do I have a burning sensation on my bottom lip?

posted by  babiedee84(14)

Why do girls have their periods together?

posted by  Blue(18)

Why do we bruise?

posted by  worker8274(43)

Why do cats pee on things?

posted by  baluga(147)

Why are people choosing log cabin holidays?

posted by  Littlecandy(9)

Why won't my PS 2 turn on when the power is on?

posted by  Scott93(119)

Why do bulimics make themselves throw up?

posted by  chels(177)

Why is my Accord overheating?

posted by  Avria(187)

What could be causing a pain in my jaw?

posted by  Mercuryman3a(113)

Why are the edges of my leaves dying?

posted by  carly01(33)

Why does Internet Explorer crash on Yahoo Sports?

posted by  clydesix(17)

Why are dogs' feet pink?

posted by  worker7794(53)

Is my 10-month old sleeping more than normal?

posted by  Spike(17)

What could be causing my bloody bowel movements?

posted by  Gianni86(15)

What could be causing a pain in my head when inhaling?

posted by  aceticanswer(33)

What could be causing blisters on my lip?

posted by  tsoucia(8)

Why do I feel a pain in my upper chest when I bend over?

posted by  gold(93)

Why do I have constant pain behind my eyes?

posted by  srinu(15)

What causes loud purring?

posted by  Bones(105)

Why will my 13-week-old baby only nurse for a few minutes?

posted by  nayna(28)

Why do I keep dating emotionally detached men?

posted by  Michelle52(61)

Why are more babies born on the full moon?

posted by  charmley13(16)

Why would new lawn sod turn brown in spots?

posted by  worker6872(13)

Why would a car fan keep running after being turned off?

posted by  pfrink(80)

Why is my cat losing all the fur on his tail?

posted by  STariq(136)

Why are my house plants losing leaves?

posted by  tamara90(4)

Why is my dog throwing up everywhere?

posted by  kyrkiekgor(15)

Why are fashion models so thin?

posted by  et(154)

Why won't my RCA projection TV stayed powered up?

posted by  baytweezie13(3)

Why do I get a rash when I get in a sauna?

posted by  katestar(169)

Why is my engine knocking?

posted by  Kris82(11)

Why do my home fire alarms keep going off?

posted by  bob(22)

Why do people starch their dress shirts?

posted by  Katie17(26)

Can you tell me why my tooth turned black on the back?

posted by  rajanonline(30)

What causes white blood cells to attack the hair follicles?

posted by  BJ(26)

Why is my Ford Ranger's engine running rough at idle?

posted by  kdbalcom(13)

I'm growing basil. Why are the edges brown?

posted by  harveys(24)

Why do I get random rashes with a lot of bumps?

posted by  trinibabe00(16)

Why does my child always have mucus in her throat?

posted by  Slaphead200078(16)

Why do my mice fight?

posted by  selvam(18)

Why might I experience weakness after taking an antibiotic?

posted by  clyn(51)

What can cause elevated DHEA in women?

posted by  worker8534(27)

Why do I ball my hand into a fist into my sleep?

posted by  vaniprakash(31)

Why do I get dizzy when I move my eye?

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