Question by  jbus07 (24)

Why would there be no water coming out of my faucets?


Answer by  katdog (294)

It is possible that the water to your whole house could be shut off. There is also a shut off valve under the sink. It is also possible that your pipes could be frozen if you are in a cold climate.


Answer by  Zon (122)

Water may be turned off by the city (call, then Check for valve underground at street). You may have a leak upstream of your house, allowing water to flow onto or into the ground. Least likely is a scale obstruction in main pipe entering house. Good luck.


Answer by  wykd (54)

If no water is coming from your faucet then you either have no power to the pump , a broken pipe or your water has been shut off.


Answer by  lovelizzy (170)

There are two common reasons your water would not be coming out of the faucets. The water company you go through may be experiencing problems. Another common reason for this is an unpaid water bill.

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