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Why do people think negatively about non custodial mothers?

posted by  Owner(20)

Why is the concrete around my pool cracking?

posted by  W(14)

Why is the water coming out of my faucets yellow?

posted by  whatreality(19)

What could be the cause of dry fingernails and cuticles.

posted by  choctaw(361)

What could be some reasons for my side hurting?

posted by  lsubash2(18)

Why do your ribs hurt when you run?

posted by  Steph58(21)

What could cause a hip numb prickling sensation?

posted by  YourREbroker(18)

Why am I feeling like i have to go all the time?

posted by  roman(16)

Why does my puppy have green snot coming out of his nose?

posted by  surajit(101)

Why does my stomach and lower back hurt with pain and gas?

posted by  sara99(851)

Why does my Jindo have thyroid problems?

posted by  JackWetherson(13)

Why does my hamster have a bare spot on his butt?

posted by  melissa6705(12)

Why does my dog have swollen cheeks?

posted by  GreyDwarf(26)

Why would a spleen become enlarged?

posted by  druyhawk(58)

Why would someone be barred from naturalization?

posted by  ffriendly(17)

Why do springboard divers shower after each dive?

posted by  Baskiee(21)

Why does my lawn mower flood after I shut it down?

posted by  gamecocks1(18)

Why do cats always lick their stomachs?

posted by  Hona(25)

Why am I smelling fluid from my parakeets?

posted by  gdtr(12)

Why use a Catholic wedding veils?

Why is there a cat pee smell under the crawlspace?

posted by  Taylor53(13)

Why do the Cleveland Browns have orange helmets?

posted by  kt71(15)

Why does my pee smell when I eat meat?

posted by  mahesh29(16)

Why is my Yorkie mix biting his feet and legs?

posted by  debshink(60)

Why did my fish die after I cleaned the tank?

posted by  emilyr(12)

Why are the leaves on my kalanchoe turning yellow?

posted by  manju(82)

Why are movie theater tickets so expensive?

posted by  KT(24)

Why am I tired so much?

posted by  KDKall(21)

Why do I have no hot water pressure?

posted by  wenawolf(9)

Why does soothing music make you feel better?

posted by  jax9999(131)

Why do I get severe leg cramps?

posted by  Mable(3008)

Why are people from Indiana called "Hoosiers?"

posted by  Kate31(2)

What is the purpose of a hanging bag?

posted by  reba(12)

Why has my spouse changed after marriage?

posted by  mehul(95)

Why do kittens drool?

posted by  Jane5146(60)

Why is Excl dropping the zeros from my entries?

posted by  rajascl(34)

Why do I have red blood spots on my chest?

posted by  philaustin(18)

Why do cats leave when they are sick?

posted by  Danajayde(16)

Why is my diarrhea yellow?

posted by  acm(21)

Why does my left arm feel like its burning?

posted by  jayjay(23)

Why is there a lump above my elbow?

posted by  prahlad(28)

Why is wearing white after Labor Day a fashion faux pas?

posted by  MaxCTurk(24)

Why do dogs only poop in the house?

posted by  kingmike(27)

Why do I have groin pain during my pregnancy?

posted by  Jim35(21)

Why is my dog licking her feet?

posted by  AprilLokar(23)

What causes a cat to poop outside its box?

posted by  zandt(18)

Why are profitability ratios important?

posted by  Zrafidim(107)

Why does my brake light go out when my headlights are on?

posted by  tom48(30)

Why is Kobe wearing the number 24 instead of 8?

posted by  worker9121(31)

Why should you use an electric water kettle?

posted by  abisind(22)

Why do people like to make paper model buildings?

posted by  time2k6(16)

Why do women douche?

posted by  Rive(18)

Why does my kitten meow so much?

posted by  mlanity(25)

Why do I wake up with sore boobs?

posted by  amitmagic(37)

Why do we use colons in the English language?

posted by  Vanessa(387)

Why does my DeVille have hard steering?

posted by  E(15)

Why is my cat lying in his litter box?

posted by  prema(14)

Why do I have patches of hair on my back?

posted by  MeganB(27)

Why can't I lift my arm past my shoulder?

posted by  Jonkins(9)

Why does my cat pee on my throw rug?

posted by  worker4275(175)

Why cant I wake up to an alarm clock?

posted by  Ossurworld(30)

Why does my 1-year-old get so many colds?

posted by  Darry(3853)

Why do toddlers have unexplained fevers?

posted by  worker8127(16)

Why I am having sudden hair loss on my head?

posted by  analaz(23)

Why do cuts on my mouth heal so fast?

posted by  Anupam(77)

Why do I have dark spots on bottom of my feet?

posted by  suresh(21)

Why does my dog look jaundice and is vomiting?

posted by  queen(17)

Why do cats have whiskers?

posted by  mchc(5)

Why are there so many different religious denominations?

posted by  John49(16)

Why does my TV have a line across the picture?

posted by  denise52(38)

Why is my dog's nose dry?

posted by  mahbubur23rashid(35)

Why is there so much infidelity in marriage?

posted by  asdfj99(41)

Why do women feel like they have to be super moms?

posted by  Pianist(6)

Why do you use a tenon saw?

posted by  Chantal(47)

Why do you add a knot to a heaving line?

posted by  ilango(226)

Why isn't the Apocrypha in the Bible?

posted by  Shellbell(8)

Why are there worm farms?

posted by  LearningBiker(38)

Why aren't there flowers on the impatients in my garden?

posted by  MikeRob(18)

Why do I feel hopeless?

posted by  Will(19)

Why is my dachshund hopping on his back legs?

posted by  Heather75(47)

Why are my breast veins so visible?

posted by  johnsbeth(15)

Why in the world will my tv will not turn off?

posted by  clyde(52)

What could cause a swollen node on neck with red streaks?

posted by  Kira(20)

Why do I frequently urinate?

posted by  SophieD(17)

Why is my dog licking her paw?

posted by  Max(33)

Why do I have hiccups when I sleep?

posted by  kassy(19)

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