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Why will my Buick Regal not switch from floor to vent?

posted by  chelsea(20)

Why does the transmission in my Ford hum?

posted by  tenritsu(51)

Why does silver jewelry tarnish?

posted by  Hairann(115)

Why is my dog leaking urine?

posted by  Vincent45(2)

Why are my kittens biting each other?

posted by  worker74(31)

Why does my Chevy Express door locks jump erratically?

posted by  Rose(6804)

Why didn't I have a period?

posted by  ZephyrZero(25)

Why are my saltwater fish breathing heavily?

posted by  searcykid(23)

Why does my Pontiac Montana panic horn keep going off?

posted by  bmr0080(37)

Why would a cat be chasing after another cat?

posted by  greenesfreedom(38)

Why can't I get pregnant?

posted by  timmsa(577)

Why is my dog throwing up black vomit?

posted by  blueeyedperson(10)

What are some causes of sore thigh muscles?

posted by  Ganesan(53)

What could cause sudden nausea?

posted by  Venkatesh(14)

I'm bleeding 2 weeks after a period - why?

posted by  blackjack(54)

Why do recovering alcoholics lack self esteem?

posted by  TracyB(36)

Why does my Game Cube not reading any discs?

posted by  SoccerIsLife(25)

Why is the D light in my CRV blinking?

posted by  Brittany52(19)

Why would you vote for Barack Obama?

posted by  Kristina21(78)

For what reasons do they put homes on stilts?

posted by  ckdenman(12)

Why is my top loading washer leaking at the bottom?

posted by  Neil(83)

Why does my cat bite me?

posted by  sboynton(15)

Why isn't my hamster pregnant?

posted by  Spike(17)

Why does my PS2 play dvd's but not games?

posted by  mookey7(27)

Why does my Chevy Silverado have low RPMS?

posted by  mochasmom(20)

Why is the "check engine" light on in my Kia Sportage?

posted by  Colonel(12)

Why does my dog cough like something is stuck in his throat?

posted by  Evie(37)

Why does my dog put his paws on me when I am petting him?

posted by  Marcos68(26)

Why does my car have excessive vibration when braking?

posted by  sar(227)

Why does my knee hurt when I run?

posted by  brendyeah(15)

Why do I lose control of my bowels?

posted by  ilia(20)

Why do I have white scabbing on a tattoo?

posted by  teryan(24)

How come I pee so much?

posted by  queenpunkbunny(20)

Why do dogs need a Parvo vaccination?

posted by  mehernosh(27)

Why does my engine stall when warm and cruising?

posted by  Anemic75(83)

Why is it that my 1997 Caravan does not lock?

posted by  coj(79)

Why does my RCA tv come on and off by itself?

posted by  CrazyCat(29)

Why do dogs dig the carpet?

posted by  harrisberg(14)

Why does my car buck at cruising speed?

posted by  Doug61(12)

What is a good reason to be taping up a dog's ear?

posted by  s666666666666(26)

Why do my brakes overheat in my Cherokee?

posted by  csmith(16)

Why do I have sores all over my face?

posted by  sikanthar(100)

Why do I have a print delay in my DOS program?

posted by  aliyaj(26)

Why are cigarettes bad for you?

posted by  tortillachips(17)

Why is my puppy growling?

posted by  muffinx1(232)

My dog is eating her own stool, why is she doing this?

posted by  shane57(13)

Why is my 95 Eclipse running hot?

posted by  gambrinus(34)

Why does milk get me sleepy?

posted by  julyamy(25)

Why are channels fuzzy only on one TV?

posted by  gsingle123(37)

Why do women have periods?

posted by  acgood(47)

Why is my dog chewing on his back?

posted by  msh0312(9)

Why have the leaves on my rose bush fallen off?

posted by  worker27(16)

Why is my grass yellowing?

posted by  dalton(17)

Why does my tractor have no spark?

posted by  Arw(16)

Why does my A/C blow cold on the right side only?

posted by  kurigami(31)

Why does my dog throw up every night?

posted by  smiley(36)

Why are my kittens losing their teeth?

posted by  GinaJohnson(24)

Why is the air conditioner in my Cadillac not cold?

posted by  gd2525(28)

Why does my Australian Shepherd bark a lot?

posted by  louro(35)

Why does my betta spit out his food?

posted by  Mel59(20)

Why does my John Deere 140 mower heat up and stop?

posted by  Shawnsgrandma(156)

Why does my Maxima blinker blink very fast?

posted by  court123(21)

Why does my baby want constant breastfeeding for hours?

posted by  user32(7)

What is wrong if my 10 month old won't nap?

posted by  Bigpeter(58)

Why is my Cadillac stalling?

posted by  worker5777(26)

Why won't my mower go into neutral?

posted by  Josh40(17)

Why do I have a burning lower lip after a lip biopsy?

posted by  Hunterxx(7)

What is going on if my internet keeps shutting down?

posted by  missy6234(21)

Why is my toddler drooling?

posted by  booradleysfriend(22)

Why are my tomatoes growing with black bottoms?

posted by  SmaCk(20)

Why won't my refrigerator won't cool?

posted by  katrescuer(431)

Why is my red maple tree bark cracked?

posted by  ChrstopherJ(25)

Why does my GMC Jimmy crank but doesn't fire?

posted by  margaret(14)

Why are the front brakes locking on my truck?

posted by  worker5557natalie(31)

Why do you need a cat scan?

posted by  balasubramanian(5)

Why is my hvac condenser dripping?

posted by  epaulzy(119)

Why do parrotlets bite?

posted by  freezing(16)

What is the cause of the whining sound my car is making?

posted by  Rrr(18)

Why does my cat go into a trance/seizure?

posted by  Strumpet(7)

Why is my Roper dryer making a clicking sound?

posted by  worker40(9)

What could be causing pain on the right side of my back?

posted by  hbackman(50)

What are the causes of ear pain while sleeping?

posted by  LearningBiker(38)

Why does the air work on high only?

posted by  mindygdane(75)

Why is my air conditioner running constantly?

posted by  jngonnella(45)

Why does my Honda Goldwing GL1200 keep stalling out?

posted by  Khokhonut(22)

Why does my engine jerk when it is idle?

posted by  jimbo69(32)

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