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Question by  HrnFrg1 (14)

Why do women like to wear revealing clothes?

Do they like the attention?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Women like to call attention to what they think is their assets. If they think they have nice legs, they want to show them. Women like men's attention and the woman is getting a good feeling showing what she has. Sometimes this could backfire and the woman could end up a rape victim.


Answer by  Kaos (27)

Some women like to wear revealing clothes because they like the attention that they recieve, but others just like the way that they fit. Not all women have the same reason for wearing them so it is hard to generalize.


Answer by  christen (37)

It has a lot to do with wanting or needing to have all eyes on them. Also, in some cases a woman can dress that way because she doesn't have a lot of self-esteem and needs to get a reaction from others to feel good about her body.


Answer by  mistika (121)

Women like to wear revealing clothing for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps with some, particularly younger women, they do this because they enjoy the attention. Other women may be proud of their bodies and want to show it off. Perhaps a new mother has just regained her pre-baby body and feels good about it; or, the weather could be hot.

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