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Why do I have a puffy spot under my eye?

posted by  Telecom1000(19)

Why does a sneeze make me nauseous?

posted by  ishmin(17)

My dog can't keep his eyes open, why is this?

posted by  Erika(18)

Why do I have an itchy groin at night and the morning?

posted by  Kcovey83(25)

Why do I have itching feet and hands after gardening?

posted by  Dejavu(16)

Why does my pregnant dog have yellow diarrhea?

posted by  Hannah(32)

Why does my jaw hurt after sneezing?

posted by  wowcandy(20)

Why do I have sharp pain while urinating?

posted by  zubenelgenubi(27)

Why does my dog's stomach make a loud rumbling noise?

posted by  James36(33)

Why do dogs lick other dogs' lips?

posted by  JoeJoe(30)

Why do I have flesh colored bumps on my skin?

posted by  callmezimmy(21)

Why is my goldfish struggling to swim?

posted by  Ed57(95)

Why is my cat's back super sensitive?

posted by  maggi(15)

Why do I have swollen hands and feet?

posted by  rkaudia(63)

Why do my arms feel heavy?

posted by  worker5928(8)

Why does my dog cry during bowel movements?

posted by  jd1234(13)

My Explorer EXE will not auto start, why not?

posted by  sarunrawj(10)

Why emigrate?

posted by  AndyT(13)

What do you use votive candles for?

posted by  jtalone(105)

What is so good about blue pens?

posted by  tara81(6)

Why do I hear echoing in my ears?

posted by  Gabriella(25)

Why is he acting standoffish?

posted by  DeveloperMainiac(15)

Why do cats knead?

posted by  kandscreeley(10)

Why do college athletes wear two bands on their arms?

posted by  fishtales68(21)

Why do dogs eat their throw up?

posted by  Helenaneesh(68)

Why is my right hand, arm, and part of my shoulder numb?

posted by  aliyaj(26)

Why do I have a bad pain after getting my teeth cleaned?

posted by  hardhitter(16)

Why does poison ivy always itch?

posted by  cmaMomof3(16)

Why do my feet turn out when walking?

posted by  jkidlove1(11)

Why do dogs throw up?

posted by  sobia(11)

Why do they give salt blocks to Whitetail deer?

posted by  Topea(90)

Why was Julius Caesar murdered?

posted by  Posey(29)

Why is Bridge to Terabithia banned in some school libraries?

posted by  ted55(2)

Why do pugs bite?

posted by  Kris(797)

Why do I have a sore body when wake up, like flu?

posted by  midknight(8)

Why do I never seem to feel full when I eat?

posted by  atticusfinch(12)

Why do my legs ache during my period?

posted by  nina(17)

Why do I have testicle pain when running?

posted by  pom5(19)

Why is my fish's water green?

posted by  odb1967(9)

Why does my tongue tingle?

posted by  harijangam(17)

Why do my legs hurt?

posted by  Eloisa(32)

Why do I have should pain and my arm tingles?

posted by  Bansin(37)

Why do I have red bumps on the bottom of my feet?

posted by  brittany68(76)

Why do I have round, red sores on my upper arms?

posted by  RAJA11(7)

Why you shouldn't crack your knuckles?

posted by  randyaf(10)

Why is my vulva swollen?

posted by  Dwain77(17)

Can you tell me why eloping is better?

posted by  mayuri(48)

Why does my 10-month-old daughter cry a lot?

posted by  Joven(163)

Why does my TV flicker when the A/C turns on?

posted by  jbuc(20)

Why does my breast hurt when I lean forward?

posted by  Dovington(63)

Why does my dog keep getting colds?

posted by  cardiacnurse(35)

Why do I have pain on my hipbone?

posted by  trewri11(30)

Why do I taste blood in my mouth?

posted by  meatpan(16)

Why do I have recurring pimples on my nipple?

posted by  sodman(28)

Why does my skin hurt?

posted by  Julie92(99)

Why are the warning lights always on in my 1993 Maxima?

posted by  koak(20)

Why do I get sleepy after exercise?

posted by  EoinScully(7)

Why do you need a fruit juicer?

posted by  MacAttack(28)

Why do I have left head and neck discomfort?

posted by  E3w009(8)

Why is my cat always wagging her tail?

posted by  realanswers1(7)

Why do some people have a yellow eye color?

posted by  Jewels1(22)

Why is my hair getting thinner?

posted by  Marie1969(42)

What can cause high testosterone levels in women?

posted by  jdmjam09(26)

Why am I pooping so much at work?

posted by  cubbykatz(293)

Why does my husky dog's skin stink?

posted by  greenman123(17)

Why do I have a fluttering sensation inside my ear?

posted by  worker19(32)

Why do my finger nails and toes hurt?

posted by  sakthi68(37)

Why are hologram baseball cards worth more?

posted by  Lanwanman(90)

Why do dogs chew on their feet?

posted by  Mihai(14)

Why do squirrels kill their babies?

posted by  chobi(26)

Why won't my dog eat?

posted by  Steve95(108)

Why is the picture wavy on my Toshiba television?

posted by  bcostello713(12)

Why would I want to stop melanin production?

posted by  Jackie17(83)

Why do I get yellow underarm stains on my clothes?

posted by  ash87(16)

Why won't my VSC check light go out?

posted by  avanthika(23)

Why do bees make honey?

posted by  Dean(4035)

Why do people love the smell of grilling?

posted by  jdening(57)

Why do I feel like I have glass in my stomach?

posted by  Seela(17)

Why is the power light blinking on my Subaru?

posted by  Tz(12)

Why won't my Atwood electric/heat exchanger combo heat up?

posted by  gmorris(2)

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