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Question by  rabi (6)

Why do people make fun of people?

Does it make them feel better?


Answer by  lgk (2426)

In reality no, it does not. Some people feel a need to hide their own insecurities and flaws behind making fun of others. The feel ashamed, powerless, and have a extreme lack of self esteem. These are the same people you would think are the most self assured. They are just as messed up as the rest of us.


Answer by  grundle (24)

Individuals who ridicule others regularly are generally doing so to affirm their superiority (intellectually or morally) or to dispel their own insecurities by drawing attention to the failures of others.


Answer by  MelvinVanhorn (826)

Sometimes they are insecure about themselves. But sometimes something is legitimately funny. If people make fun of you it is best to not get upset and just to go along with whatever was said. This shows you have a good sense of humor.


Answer by  dyingneko (199)

People are humiliating others because they want to feel that they are much better than others. Sometimes they are doing it with friends because they think they will look very cool in the eyes of friends.

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