Question by  sahilccet (20)

How much will a female mastiff weight?

I have been given a female mastiff, I have no idea how large they get and would like an idea before I make the decision to keep her.


Answer by  worker3384 (157)

There are different types of mastiff, you will have to decide which breed you have. American mastiffs, females range about 140 pounds , but can be as large as 180 pounds. Now the English mastiff, although females are usually around 150 pounds, the English mastiff rates among the heaviest breeds in the world and male mastiffs can exceed 200 pounds.


Answer by  worker5829 (219)

There are two breeds to consider here, the English Mastiff and the Bull Mastiff. English Mastiffs are larger and weigh in at 120 pounds or more. The slightly smaller Bull Mastiff is usually between 100 and 120 pounds. The AKC, however, does not have a size standard for the English Mastiff.


Answer by  worker719385 (69)

Mastiffs are big powerful beautiful dogs. The average full grown English Mastiff weight for a female would be around 150 lbs. A full grown female bull mastiff would also measure 24 to 26 inches at the withers.

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