Question by  Betty0320 (734)

What can be done for a mass on a dogs liver?

My dog has a mass on his liver.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

You will have to talk to your vet about what to do. The decision will depend on what options are available and the severity of the mass and prognosis of the dog.


Answer by  bravesfan (61)

Usually by the time a mass is noted, it is relatively large in size therefore decreasing your pet's overall prognosis. My suggestion is to go to your local veterinary teaching hospital for a consult with the Internal Medicine Department, or find a board certified Internist in your area.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

The best thing you can do is set up a consult with the vet and they will be able to tell you whats best.


Answer by  gogogirlie (17)

Your local veterinarian can ultrasound it and see whether it is solid or not. Based on that information, you could explore other options like choose to have it surgically removed.


Answer by  mrsshelast (899)

That is sad news. Is the mass a tumor? Canerious or begnin? Have you brought your dog to the vet yet? Most likely they will need to operate on your dogs liver. Also you may need to instate a low fat diet for your dog.

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