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Question by  callitkarma (23)

What can be done for a rabbit with ear mites?

My rabbit has ear mites.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Take your rabbit to the vet and get some medication. There is a flea and tick shampoo you can get as well as a dip that gets rid of the mites.


Answer by  Daisy (161)

You can stop by any farm supply or pet store and pick up drops for ear mites. These should be used on the animals your rabbits came in contact with.


Answer by  Manda (1103)

What you should do is take your rabbit to a veteranarian. The doctor should take care of that kind of stuff, not you, to make sure the ear mites are completely removed and has not harmed the rabbit. The vet can check if the mites have caused ear damage.

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